T-1 CO2-controller. Completely redesigned controller.

The T-1 Pro is a digitally controlled device which measures and regulates the CO2 value in a room. It is designed with a modern digital display on which you can easily read out the CO2 value and set the desired value, ranging between 300 ppm and 2000 ppm..

The T1 Pro Controller - measures and regulates the CO2 value in a room

Clima Control Pro - easy to use by anyone and everyone

Clima Control Pro. Control your indoor climate.

Because of its simple menus and its handy Push & Turn Button, the Clima Control is easy to use by anyone and everyone. The unique calibration menu enables you to determine how much power is needed for 10% speed and 90% speed for adjusting every box, regardless of its size. .

Datalogger DL-1.Check past values with this Data Logger.

The supplied 8 GB SD card stores up to 180 million measurements for easy analyzing in the comfort of your home. The TechGrow Data logger is compatible with almost all TechGrow products.

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